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Updated 06/18/2024 - KRPS 89.9 FM is fully operational, broadcasting at 100,000 watts.

Today on KRPS for Wednesday July 5

Show highlights today on KRPS include Performance Today at 11 AM. Fred and Bruce will have the Piano Puzzler with contestant Tim Rogers calling from Austin, TX.

That will be followed from 1 to 3 this afternoon by Modern Times with Alan Chapman.

MT explores the vast repertoire of the last hundred years of classical music, with special attention to music of the last few decades.

5 AM - 9 AM - 

Morning Edition from NPR News

9 AM - 10 AM - 


HOST: Jenn White

Topic: Staying active in the summer: youth sports effect on kids.

Kids these days are busy. Even when school is out and it’s time to close the books — or maybe, a laptop — summers can get filled up quick. Often, with sports.

Whether they’re kicking a ball between neighbors, going to the park for a pick-up game of basketball, traveling in Little League, or heading to the Y for a swim, sport activity can be a big part of a kid’s life.

And the different decisions that come with playing a sport.

10 AM to 11 AM - 

On Point

Host: Meghna Chakrabarti

How The Snowden Leaks Changed Government Surveillance

10 years ago, U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden stunned the world by revealing government officials were surveilling private citizens across the globe.

What has – and hasn’t – changed about government surveillance in the decade since the Snowden leaks.

11 AM to 1 PM - 

Performance Today

Host - Fred Child

Hour 1 and hour 2 playlists

1 PM to 3 PM - 

Modern Times with Alan Chapman

3 PM - 3:30 PM 

BBC World Service Newshour

3:30 PM - 4 PM

Today, Explained from Vox News

Host: Noel King and Sean Rameswaram

Forever Chemicals

4 PM - 6 PM

All Things Considered from NPR News

New research found that police drug busts could actually increase the number of overdoses and drug deaths.

Public health experts say police must evolve their tactics to save lives. That story on All Things Considered from NPR news.

6 PM - 6:30 PM

Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal

The next iceberg to possibly sink this economy is in downtown offices or rather what's*not in them.

What's going on with commercial real estate.. Next time on Marketplace.

6:30 PM to 7 PM

The Daily from the newsroom of the New York Times

Host - Katrin Bennhold

How MrBeast Became the Willy Wonka of YouTube

Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, has become a sensation on YouTube for ostentatious and sometimes absurd acts of altruism.

Today, Max Read, a journalist and contributor to The Times, discusses what the rise of one of YouTube’s most popular star tells us about the platform and its users.

7 PM - 8 PM - 

Fresh Air

HOST: Terry Gross


On the next edition of Fresh Air our guests will be Alicia Roth Weigel, one of the people profiled in the new documentary “Every Body,” and the director of the film Julia Cohen, who also directed “RBG” about Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

“Every Body” is about intersex people who are born with a mix of anatomical and chromosomal variations, some of which are identified as male, others as female.

8 PM - 9 PM - 

Jazz Inspired with Judy Carmichael

Guest - John Allee

9 PM - 11 PM

Jazz with David Basse

11 PM - 5 AM Thursday

BBC World Service