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Gas prices falling in US, averaging about $3 a gallon in Four States


Perhaps, you’ve noticed that the price of gasoline has dropped, in some states, by as much as 20 cents in the past week. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

The highest price for gasoline in the US remains on the west coast from Washington State all the way down to California. While those same states have experienced 17 to 20 cent declines in fuel prices since Thanksgiving. According to Triple A the average cost for a gallon of 87 octane is $4.38 in Washington State, and $4.86 in California.

Closer to home, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkasnas are sporting some of the least expensive gas prices in the entire country. Fuel is averaging right around $3 a gallon in Missouri and Kansas, and a few cents less in Oklahoma and Arkasnas at $2.95.

While prices are falling, they are still averaging about a dime more than this time last year when nationwide. Increasing supply and steady gasoline demand have contributed to pushing pump prices lower. For 89 9 KRPS, I’m Fred Fletcher-Fierro

Since 2017 Fred Fletcher-Fierro has driven up Highway 171 through thunderstorms, downpours, snow, and ice storms to host KRPS’s Morning Edition. He’s also a daily reporter for the station, covering city government, elections, public safety, arts, entertainment, culture, sports and more. Fred has also spearheaded and overseen a sea change in programming for KRPS from a legacy classical station to one that airs a balance of classical, news, jazz, and cultural programming that better reflects the diverse audience of the Four States. For over two months in the fall of 2022 he worked remotely with NPR staff to relaunch krps.org to an NPR style news and information website.
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