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Joplin’s Vita Nova Village Takes Major Steps Toward Constructing Tiny Housing Community

1201. S Byers, the land that Vita Nova Village wants to construct its tiny housing community was up for sale in April at a Jasper County Sheriff’s auction, however, no one bought it and therefore the city of Joplin took ownership of it.

We now know the location of a proposed tiny housing community in Joplin after a presentation by Vita Nova Village at the Joplin City Council meeting Monday night.

KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.


1201 S. Byers near downtown Joplin, just south of Boyd Metals is the desired location of the tiny house community that Vita Nova Village would like to construct.

The non-profit has plans to build 20 duplex-style, tiny houses for individuals who would be vetted, sober, able to work, and would pay $400 a month for the opportunity.

Also, the unhoused people would be required to be from the surrounding communities, such as Joplin, Webb City, Carl Junction, or Carthage. Joplin Mayor Kenan Cortez had a strong endorsement for the project Monday night.

“I personally believe in the mission of Vita Nova Village. I am quietly over in the corner cheering you on and hoping that every works out.”

Representatives of Vita Nova Village on Monday asked the council if it was possible for the city to donate the property at 1201 S. Byers to the non-profit.

However, Mayor Cortez informed them that since the property was not purchased this past April, it would now have to go through the surplus property procedure when Vita Nova Village could then bid on buying it.

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